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IT Day 2015 Think Big. Initiate Action. Push Limits.

The following sessions, workshops and events were among the many highlights of IT Day 2015. We invite you to browse through our listing to view the information presented. Please revisit our website in the upcoming months to see what we have prepared for our next event, IT Day 2016 on August 10, 2016.

Keynote Speakers

Meeting Challenge with Innovation-- A Call to Think big! Initiate action! Push limits!

Hosted by Jennifer Fuller from WSIU Radio, with SIU President Randy Dunn, campus Provosts, and campus CIOs


Leaders from all three SIU campuses discuss leveraging technology to enhance the university's mission and how to accomplish this during challenging times. Fuller poses a set of questions about cultivating talent, facing challenges with fewer resources, and merging creativity with technology to generate innovative ideas as well as practical and viable initiatives. Ultimately, the discussion may yield steps to forge a strong partnership between SIU technology organizations and our university community.

Meeting Challenge with Confidence--You Can Do More Than You Think

J. R. McGee, National Speaker, President and CEO, X-Stream Leadership


Powerful speaker J. R. McGee brings the responsibility of innovation to each and every attendee and provides insights and methods to meet challenge with confidence. McGee helps instill a key component of confidence--the courage of conviction--and then explains how each of us can tackle extreme challenges by applying our own unique talents, experiences, and skills. When combined with the strengths of other individuals and organizations as a unified and focused team, each and all of us can do more than we think. McGee then levels a call to action to those who are ready to pursue success.

Technology Innovation is Transforming Our Work and Our Lives--50+ Learning Trends and Innovations

Dr. Curtis J. Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University


Professionals who hold responsibilities around or share an interest in learning technologies--let's just point at YOU--are shaping education for today and tomorrow's learners. In this dynamic, fast-paced keynote, Dr. Curt Bonk of Indiana University discusses dozens of technologies and web resources that are renovating academic and corporate learning environments. Blended learning is transforming the classroom experience. Enrollment in online courses is exploding. How does this apply to you? Do you use any of these technology tools: smartphones and watches, mobile devices of any kind, digital course resources, social books, social media, online talking dictionaries, video walls, virtual assistants, or web-conferencing? So do today's learners. While innovative tools and techniques are exciting and highly-transformative, each method and tool has its pros and cons. This session will open your eyes to amazing technology trends and innovations that are permeating the learning experience and will ultimately transform our work and our lives.

Green IT in Black and White: The Bad, the Good, and YOU!

Richard Hodges, Founder and CEO of GreenIT


Continuing innovation in information and communications technology (ICT) is transforming every aspect of human life in the 21st century. We must all recognize and confront the challenges of creating more positive interactions with the planet. The globally networked world we are building has both negative and positive implications for sustainable development. Intensive use of limited natural resources, rapidly increasing rates of energy consumption, and the handling of hazardous wastes are among the critical issues. Radical increases in efficiency and the reduction in resource needs from the adoption of new technologies promise opportunities for positive change. IT professionals have the ability to help promote and maintain a more sustainable institution by how they do their jobs every day. Once you know the bad and the good, what will YOU do?

Master Classes

In addition to their keynote sessions, each keynote speaker will also lead a two-hour master class to drilldown on their topics and areas of expertise with interested IT Day attendees.

Adding Some TEC-VARIETY for Online Motivation and Retention--Session 1

Dr. Curtis J. Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University


Today's learners expect flexibility, choice, and creativity; they love their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices...and expect instructors to use them. They want 'TEC-VARIETY'. In session one, Bonk leads attendees through the TEC-VARIETY model, his well-known motivational principle and proves that learning to incorporate technology in learning and the classroom is not as hard as you think. Note: Attendees in this session receive FREE access to Bonk's e-book Adding Some TEC-VARIETY: 100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online.

R2D2: Addressing Diverse Online Learner Needs with the Read, Reflect, Display, and Do Model--Session 2

Dr. Curtis J. Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University


The scope of learning technology is ever-evolving, and the demand for it is ever-increasing. Adoption, incorporation, and development of content can be intimidating and highly frustrating to instructors, staff, and administrators with limited technology training. Yet students want interactive and collaborative online activities and learning environments. In session two, Bonk explains his innovative model called Read, Reflect, Display, and Do (R2D2) and details dozens of ways to use R2D2 to make your use of technology more engaging, empowering, and exciting.

GreenIT the APP--Awareness, Purchasing, and Power

Richard Hodges, Founder and CEO of GreenIT


What's you role in green/clean IT? What's your responsibility? For institutions and individuals, how we spend our money on electronics and supplies is the most powerful tool available for mitigating harmful environmental impacts. This interactive session focuses on two key areas that require cross-functional cooperation among IT, Purchasing, Facilities, Communications, and other departments: building programs for the university and for students to buy green, and optimizing power consumption by IT (both generally speaker, and specifically for data centers and server rooms). Both efforts, building programs and improving energy efficiency, require an integrated effort between IT, Facilities, Finance, Purchasing, and Faculty. Attendees develop an awareness of green/clean IT and learn practices that foster IT sustainability, support green purchasing, and reduce power consumption of information communication and technology systems (ICT). At end, you will be asked what actions you intend to take to push greener, cleaner practices forward. Hodges' extensive experience in sustainability issues allow him to address tangential areas based on interest among participants.

Innovation--Using IT to Think Big for Institutional Sustainability

Richard Hodges, Founder and CEO of GreenIT


SIUC has been formally committed to sustainability since 1999, and has had a student-funded Sustainability Program since 2009. While the program has many successes, BIG opportunities remain to be explored. This interactive session introduces AASHE's Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating Systemtm (STARS) to explore ideas for technology-driven programs that can have a major, visible impact on SIUC's sustainability efforts and the university's status as a green/clean campus. Potential topics include radical energy efficiency, renewable energy, zero-carbon and zero-waste, the circular economy for information and communication technology (ICT), and/or other topics of interest to attendees.

Survive Your Career: Stress and Health Management for IT Professionals--Setting up Your Work Space--Session 1

Tim Knox, PT, CHT, CEA, President, Occupational Consulting and Rehabilitation


Back hurt? Head ache? Wrists twinge? Eyes strained? Stressed Out? Exhausted? This session is a must for people who go home tired and achy every day. Rehabilitation and ergonomics expert Tim Knox understands the issues that cause stress and injury in the workplace and offers proactive, preventive measures to reduce daily stress and prevent common workplace injuries. Session1 starts the conversation as Knox covers many of these common complaints and offers simple solutions to relieve troublesome issues before they become serious. Learn how to organize a workspace, adjust furniture, position equipment, and manage your body within a space to relieve mental and physical stress.

Survive Your Career: Stress and Health Management for IT Professionals--Keep Moving--Reduce Stress/Improve Health--Session 2

Tim Knox, PT, CHT, CEA, President, Occupational Consulting and Rehabilitation


Tim Knox continues the discussion on surviving your career by recapping causes of and remedies for stress and injury in the workplace. In this session, Knox reveals the physical causes of stress and injury that exist in the space around you. He then provides an understanding of the body mechanics that contribute to these issues, covers the importance of positioning and movement throughout the day, and demonstrates specific techniques to prevent and/or help relieve stress and pain.

People Want to Follow Leaders--Identifying Your Strongest and Weakest Skills--Session 1

Dr. Bruce DeRuntz, Leadership Development Director, SIU Carbondale, Professor



Third Floor--Room 0331 (Heritage Room)

There is a difference between being a manager and being a leader. Unfortunately, many managers are the first to assume they are leaders and the last to know they are managers. Consequently, they work hard, manage people and resources, and fall short of their own expectations. They also fall short in the eyes of their employees. Dr. Bruce DeRuntz, an expert in leadership methods and development, explores Kouze and Posner's Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® with attendees. Participants then self-assess their leadership skills and identify areas for improvement using components of the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)--one of the most widely used leadership assessment instruments in the world. Part of the process is recognizing that employees may have an entirely different perspective, and then reconciling discrepancies between the two.

Now You Know--What Will You Do? Committing to Action--Session 2

Dr. Bruce DeRuntz, Leadership Development Director, SIU Carbondale, Professor



Third Floor--Room 0331 (Heritage Room)

Bruce DeRuntz continues the conversation in Session 2, using components of the Leadership Practices Inventory to help attendees identify the changes they want to make. Attendees will find that DeRuntz is not providing an hour of feel-good thoughts when he issues a call to action and an expectation of commitment. Although these sessions provide a high-level view of the Kouze and Posner's Leadership Challenge, participants will be exposed to and benefit from powerful and applicable leadership strategies and techniques.

Breakout Sessions, Workshops, and Demos

IT Start-ups: Technology Meets Entrepreneurship

Kyle Harfst, Director of SIU Research Park and SIU Economic and Regional Development hosts panel with Rob Patino, Director Office of Technology Transfer, SIU System and Larry Mieldezis, CEO of Liaison Technologies

1:15-2:00--followed by an optional tour to the SIU Research Park and meeting with successful tech entrepreneurs

The urge to take an idea, develop the intricacies, and push it through to a successful result is a unique motivator. Not all possess the entrepreneurial spirit, but those who do know that it is a powerful draw. Entrepreneurs exist within organizations, and are capable of tremendous innovation when supported within the organization. Their approach, their ideas, and their passion have the ability to drive amazing results in the workplace. Alternately, some entrepreneurs venture into the market to pursue opportunities on their own. Are you an internal entrepreneur? Are you a leader that supports internal entrepreneurship? Or...maybe you are ready to fly on your own. This panel discussion helps you discover your inner-entrepreneur. Learn how other entrepreneurs reached success, and discover amazing resources available to you.

Cloud Computing is Changing Every Aspect in IT!

Michael Barkdoll, Computer Systems Architecture Specialist, SIU College of Computer Science


Explore a world where the personal computer has become obsolete and the traditional client-server model is as outdated as mainframes. Cloud computing is completely transforming IT in the same fashion that assembly line workers were replaced by robotic specialists. This presentation will take an in-depth look at what it means to outsource IT to the cloud and examine why this exciting new technology is completely redefining how everyone uses computers!

Designing Spaces that Work: Technology Space Design

Shawn Bond, SIUC Architect, hosts a panel including: Rich Beach, representative for the Morris Library renovation committee; Eric Spencer, Spencer Architects; and Kevin Baltz, Egyptian Business Furniture

2:15-3:00--followed by an optional tour of Morris Library technology and renovated spaces

Panelist discuss the vision, needs, and diverse perspectives that were joined to imagine, plan, and execute the 6th and 7th floor renovations at Morris Library. This session offers insights from all sides of a project and is an ideal primer or thought generator for attendees considering small or massive development of institutional space--especially spaces used for collaboration, instruction, or professional endeavors. And...participants have the unique opportunity to see a well-designed space in use, tour the venue with the visionaries who created the space, and see the cutting-edge technology that make the Morris Library unique.

Moving IT from Support Role to Strategic Partner in the Organization

David Guggenheim, PhD. Candidate, SIU Business College


David Guggenheim, PhD. candidate at SIUC, steps through his cutting-edge methods to strategically transition information technology organizations from a support role in the business to a recognized and valued strategic partner. Guggenheim suggests that organizations have traditionally relied on IT as a knowledge-based support resource rather than as an integral part of the organization. This type of strategic effort, when managed skillfully and purposefully, adds value and extends an organization's competitive edge without budgetary impact.

Plane Truth--Computing at 20,000 Feet

Steven Goetz, Assistant Professor, Department of Aviation Management and Flight at SIUC


When you step into a plane, and glance at the dashboard, have you ever wondered what happens behind the cockpit door once it closes. How does the person in the cockpit manage all of the complex tasks needed to get that plane in the air and safely, not to mention back on the ground? Do pilots possess finely honed muscle memory, a superhuman capacity to multi-task, and incredible finesse when manipulating sensitive controls? Modern pilots are not superhuman! They rely heavily on computerized automation to ensure that passengers travel comfortably and safely around the world. This session explores the use and value of computerized systems in aircraft and their implementation. Participants will also learn about the technological aspects of several recent aviation accidents--what happens when the human and machine interface does not work as planned. You will not leave scared of air-travel, but enlightened and reassured.

Overcoming Adversity with Attitude--Leading Under Stress, Forming and Motivating Teams, and Overcoming Challenges

J. R. McGee, National Speaker, President and CEO, X-Stream Leadership


Life is about more than "surviving" bad times and difficult situations; it is about learning how to turn your worst moments into your most memorable successes. In this fun and challenging business simulation, attendees learn to recognize potential failure modes in their own behavior and stop them. They then learn to develop strategies to create success where others see only crisis, problems, and difficulties. This session is especially relevant in times when leaders face issues like fewer people and resources, yet must still help their employees feel secure, valued, and appreciated...not to mention perform well.

Wireshark Workshop--Legitimate Tool or Cyber-eavesdropping Trouble

Professor Belle Woodward, Information System Technologies (IST)


Sixth Floor--Rooms 677-680 (enter through 677)

Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what's happening on your network at a microscopic level. It is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many industries and educational institutions. Unfortunately, it is this Wireshark's amazing power that makes it perilous in the hand of unscrupulous and unauthorized users. Once installed, cyber intruders can "eavesdrop" with ease. During the workshop, attendees immediately see how information is capture in one environment and immediately accessible by the person extracting the information. Woodward is just back from Germany where this session was well received by similar audiences.

Cyber Security Demo--Just When Your Day's Going Good--You've Been Hacked

Tom Imboden, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies (ISAT), and Professor Belle Woodward, Information System Technologies (IST) Information Technology Department, Cyber Security Demo


Sixth Floor--Rooms 677-680 (enter through 677)

As an IT professional, and for that matter, your everyday user, you should be keenly aware that there is no such thing as working on an island. During this condensed demonstration of the SIU Cyber Stadium, Tom Imboden and Belle Woodward show attendees how you can go from having a great day in cyberspace to being hacked. Participants will be given simple tasks to complete and see what happens when an unannounced intruder joins them. This is crux of the all-day competition our Security Dawgs' compete in each year, and won the Illinois Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in 2014. Want to know what you're up against--stop by any time during the demonstration.

Tech Stretch

Tim Knox, PT, CHT, CEA, President, Occupational Consulting and Rehabilitation


Rotunda--first floor

Had enough input for the day? In this casual session, Tim Knox walks attendees through some of the physical stretches and de-stressing techniques from his master class to reinforce what participants learned, to show basic techniques to those who missed the master class, and to send tired attendees home re-charged.


Talk Tables/Networking

Open at the lunch break and are available throughout the afternoon

Take an opportunity while enjoying lunch to meet someone new, connect with a colleague, or have an eye-opening conversation. Take your lunch to a talk table (located in the Delytes café area--first floor), then look for an interesting topic on the tabletop. Join the table, introduce yourself,and follow the prompt sheet provided on the table. Both introverts and extroverts will find this an easy and comfortable way to network. If there isn't a topic that interests you, make your own table topper and start the conversation!


Sponsor and Vendor Tables/Networking

Open at the lunch break and are available throughout the afternoon

Sponsors and vendors are always valuable resources for information and expertise, so please don't hesitate to ask our sponsors and vendors questions. The answer to a simple question today may lead to a trusted and valued partnership tomorrow. Walk the 6th and 7th floors during lunch, learn about campus resources, make invaluable vendor contacts, and thank all of these people for their contribution to IT Day.

Technology is Changing Everyone's Ability to Succeed--Evolving Assistive Technology

Lisa Caringer and Lottie Smith, Assistive Technology Services SIU

12:15-3:30, walk up any time throughout the afternoon

The United States Census Bureau reports that approximately 56.7 million Americans have a disability. In our campus community, we know these people as administrators, co-workers, faculty, and students. New advances in assistive technology provide exciting new opportunities for people to perform to the best of their abilities. The real challenge is developing institutional and individual awareness as to what people need to do their jobs and perform academically, and the types of tools that are available to assist in their efforts. SIU Assistive Technology Services displays new tools, and is available to discuss resources, responsibilities, and requirements.

Energy + IT = ?--The Future of Energy

Amy McMorrow Hunter and Amie Gregory, The SIU Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center

12:15-3:30--walk up any time throughout the afternoon

Energy, in its many forms, is an imperative part of our very existence. It is essential to our way of life, our economic viability, and our future. The SIU Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center explores the future of energy as an essential modern need and a global commodity, in its various forms, as an environment concern, and with a constant awareness of sustainable options. Discover the opportunities that 'applying IT to energy' offers to SIU and the world.

Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship--Awarding Winning, Student-Developed Apps

Ouadie Akaaboune and Annie Waring, Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities

12:15-3:30--walk up any time throughout the afternoon

The annual Saluki App Competition promotes research, creativity, and entrepreneurship among students by incentivizing the development of software applications (apps) for mobile devices technology among student competitors. The 2015 winner, SnapPile, a mobile app that compiles handwritten programming code straight from a mobile device by snapping a photo is just one example of the creative projects developed during the competition. Learn more about this annual competition, as well as other unique programs offered by CURCA to inspire creativity and entrepreneurship on campus.

Working Toward a Gigabit Internet Downtown--Expanding Internet Capabilities Expands Educational and Business Possibilities

Carbondale 4ABC Team, Gary Williams, MPA, Assistant City Manager for Economic Development with the City of Carbondale

The City of Carbondale, through Carbondale 4ABC was awarded a $50,000 grant from Frontier Communications in April, 2015 and is competing for an additional $100,000 grant to be awarded in November. A major part of the judging process is community engagement in the project. Between now and November, Carbondale 4ABC will be working with Sandel & Associates to develop a community revitalization plan that relies on technology, and gigabit fiber, to enhance development opportunities. Carbondale 4ABC needs YOU! Learn about the project, the process, the revitalization plan, and the team.


Women Pioneers in Technology

Sponsored by Morris Library--month-long exhibit, Guyon Rotunda

This amazing exhibit, developed by the talented staff at Morris Library, follows the ideas, concepts, and efforts that helped lay the foundation and lead to the technology we use today. The display starts in 1842--yes 1842--with Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, who is often referred to as the first computer programmer. The story weaves through more than 150 years, and ends at SIU and the young women who are our future.

Poster Sessions

The Power of Powerful Technology: Putting the High-Performance Super Computer (HPC) to Work

Poster Session hosted by Rustomji "Gi" Vania, Deputy Director, Information Technology, Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure, SIUC

1:15-2:00--followed by an optional tour to the Data Center

This poster session shows how the High-Performance Super Computer (HPSC) supports research efforts at SIUC and provides the environment needed to enable emerging research technologies across disciplines. In addition, Gi Vania hosts HPSC users and their poster depictions of current uses of the HPSC.

Planning and Installing Outdoor Wi-Fi: To the Edge of the Campus...and Beyond

Poster Session hosted by Michael Shelton, Deputy Director, Information Technology, Network Engineering and Telecommunication, SIUC

1:15-2:00--followed by an optional tour to the Data Center

This poster session shows the planning and installation of outdoor Wi-Fi at SIUC, an effort that will provide additional and extensive connectivity across campus.


Aviation and Automotive Technologies

1:00-3:00--meet on the sidewalk in front of Morris Library


All visitors to SIUC are encouraged to save a seat on this tour--it will fill to capacity. SIUC's Aviation and Automotive departments are premiere programs nationwide, producing some of the country's most highly recruited graduates. The reason, these departments have top-notch instructors and state-of-the-art technology. Although these areas may be outside of your professional scope, the technology is well worth seeing. Aviation Technology offers visitors an opportunity to test the flight simulator, visit the radar room, and learn how advanced technology keeps aviation traffic running smoothly. Automotive Technology will tour visitors through huge labs, full of the latest technology used to develop, test, and engineer automobiles.

SIU Research Park

2:00-4:00--meet on the sidewalk in front of Morris Library


Is there an entrepreneur somewhere inside of you? It may be that you want to start a business, to take a new idea to market, or to just work on a creative project that has "possibilities." The SIU Research Park is a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship in southern Illinois. This facility and the professional staff provide a strong support system that fosters innovation, commercializes University discoveries, and advances entrepreneurship and economic development within SIU and throughout the region. On this tour, you will have an opportunity to meet several of the entrepreneurs who have launched ideas/businesses with the assistance of this unique resource. Are you next?

Data Center and Super Computer

2:00-4:00 walking tour--meet in the lobby (1st floor)

Join Gi Vania on a walking tour of the SIUC Data Center and the High-performance Super Computer (HPC). This tour is highly-recommended for professionals early in their IT careers to help them understand the intricacies, logistics, capacity, and advantage of a centralized data center.

Tech Space Design--Morris Library Technical Spaces

3:15-4:00 walking tour--meet in front of room 654 (6th floor)

This is a must-do tour for forward-thinking faculty and professionals who provide group training or coordinate meetings. Since its recent renovation, Morris Library is one of the most spectacular technology venues in southern Illinois and the tri-state area. Each renovated space is designed to facilitate collaborative communication with cutting-edge technology. This tour reveals the unique technology features and space configurations that make the library an excellent venue for student/staff collaboration, training, and meetings. Best of all, the library staff will teach anyone interested in leveraging these remarkable technology tools how to use them and provide backup support so you cannot fail.

Mobile Dawg Tablet Distribution Effort

By request: Kris Guye: (618)453-4165 or

SIUC was one of the first, Tier One, public research institutions to launch a campus-wide digital initiative: Mobile Dawg. Thus far, more than 11,500 devices have been issued to incoming freshman and this fall's distribution is currently in process with approximately 4,500 tablets now ready to go. See the inter-workings of this massive, logistic effort.

Saluki Technology Store

By request: Beth Dallas: (618) 453-2613 or

This retail technology store is unique because it is the only SIU-owned, retail venue on campus. Learn how SIUC developed this retail concept, planned the space and operations, retains market-share against giants like Best Buy and Amazon, and maintains a profitable presence in the Student Center.

SIUC Campus by Trolley

3:00-3:45--meet in front of Morris Library and board the Saluki Trolley

Chill out and take a leisurely trolley tour of the beautiful SIUC campus.

General Amenities

Speaker Green Room

A place to relax and prepare.

Opens 8:00 am

Fourth Floor--Room 480A

Speakers are welcomed to relax or prepare in our speaker green room. Food and drinks are available throughout the day in this quite space. Speaker Liaisons will be available to provide assistance throughout the day.

Private Conference/Phone Rooms

A private space for up to 6 people.

Opens 12:00 noon

Fourth Floor--Rooms 420 A-C

Need a quite space during the day to make a call or meet with colleagues? Three collaborative meeting rooms are available for use on a first-come-first-serve basis.