Speakers 2016

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IT Day 2016 provides many, excellent opportunities for speakers, presenters, and participants. You'll find a preview to some of those opportunities on this page. The panel on the right provides additional information and links that will be of value to you too.

Please feel free to review our IT Day 2015 Agenda for a complete schedule of events, which propelled that day into one of great success.

Keynote Speakers

Our IT Day speakers will be chosen for both their expertise in specific topics and their engaging presentation styles. We will tenaciously select strong keynote speakers to drive the agenda forward and provide every attendee with actionable items they can apply to their own personal and/or work endeavors. If interested, please review our keynote speakers from IT Day 2015.

Sessions and Workshops

In addition to their keynote sessions, each keynote speaker will also lead a two-hour master class to drilldown on their topics and areas of expertise with interested IT Day attendees.

Conference attendees who did not choose to attend master classes were given an array of other interesting options to choose from throughout the afternoon.

The venue chosen will offer a large selection of technology-enabled classrooms and collaborative workspaces. These spaces will be filled with niche presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and demonstrations. These specialized sessions will include technology-centric presentations as well as broader professional topics. 

Sponsor/Vendor Tables

Sponsors, vendors, and business participants from our technology/business community will offer Mediascape presentations or information tables to encourage conversations on technology topics. These tables are meant to share knowledge and resources rather than to promote specific products.

SIU-sponsored Mediascape presentations and information tables will demonstrate innovative campus initiatives, interesting technologies, student achievements in technology, and campus resources that are complementary to IT Day sessions.

Talk Tables

To facilitate networking, “talk tables” will be set up in designated areas. These tables are designed to attract people interested in like topics and facilitate conversations around those topics.

Talk tables will have a topic set on the tabletop; anyone interested in that topic is encouraged to join the table. These tables will be used at lunch time and throughout the afternoon to allow people with specific interests to meet and discuss ideas and concepts.


Technology-related tours of SIU Carbondale will create another source of learning, a diversion from the day, and an opportunity to show visitors unique aspects of technology on the Carbondale campus. Tours are slated throughout the day, just like other sessions. Campus experts will conduct these tours and have the opportunity to discuss an area that captures their passion and/or allows them to share their expertise. If needed, transportation for a tour will be provided.


A custom-developed information technology exhibit will be accessible in a designated area, serving as the backdrop between keynote sessions.