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J.R. McGee
Keynote Presentation:
Meeting Challenge with ConfidenceYou Can Do More Than You Think

Business Simulation Workshop: Overcoming Adversity with AttitudeLeading Under Stress, Forming and Motivating Teams, and Overcoming Challenges

J. R. McGee has travelled the world sharing dynamic and applicable leadership strategies to develop High Performance Organizations. As Principal Consultant and Lead Subject Matter Expert for Business / Program Management with the worlds largest aerospace firm, J. R. has been directly involved with the most critical, functional aspects of government, service, healthcare, and manufacturing business operations. As Program Manager at Top Gun ranges world-wide, J. R. specialized in operations, training, and development of fighter pilots, Special Forces teams, and combat field engineering personnel. He has also provided operational support to intelligence and counter-terrorism operations around the world. He authors an executive coaching column for an international quality magazine that focuses on business professionals who are driven to deliver world-class results! He is a Certified Master Black Belt Sensei and has trained and certified more than 70 Master Black Belts in Lean Six Sigma. J.R. holds a degree in Electronic Technology from Troy State University (European division) and a degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland. He completed the Strategic Studies Program at the Tepper Carnegie Mellon Business Institute and the Strategic Leadership Program at the Goizueta Business School, Emory University. He is President and CEO of X-Stream Leadership Group.

For more information, view the X-Stream Leadership Group website.

Curtis J. Bonk, Ph.D.

Curt Bonk
Keynote Presentation: Technology Innovation is Transforming Our Work and Our Lives50+ Learning Trends and Innovations

Master Class: Adding Some TEC-VARIETY for Online Motivation and RetentionSession 1

Master Class: R2D2: Addressing Diverse Online Learner Needs with the Read, Reflect, Display, and Do ModelSession 2

Curt Bonk is a dynamic speaker who brings unique insights into the intersection of technology , education, psychology, and business. Bonk has shared his expertise in over 300 publications and with live audiences around the world. He has received the CyberStar Award from the Indiana Information Technology Association, the Most Outstanding Achievement Award from the US Distance Learning Association, and the Most Innovative Teaching in a Distance Education Program Award from the State of Indiana. Education Next and Education Week have repeatedly (since 2012) listed Bonk among the top contributors to the public debate about education (from more than 20,000 university-based academics). Bonk received the Mildred B. and Charles A. Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Practitioner in Distance Education (August 2014) and within a few month was also honored for his Outstanding Contribution to Education at the Global Learn Tech Conference in Mumbai, India. Bonk teaches psychology and technology courses as a professor at Indiana University and is affiliated with and adjunct in the cognitive sciences program in the School of Informatics.

For more information on Curt Bonk, go to: http://pages.iu.edu/~cjbonk/

Suggested pre-conference reading: Free eBook http://tec-variety.com

Richard Hodges

Keynote Presentation:Richard Hodges Green IT in Black and White: The Bad, the Good and YOU!

Master Class: Green IT the APP Awareness, Purchasing, and PowerSession 1

Master Class: InnovationUsing IT to Think Big for Instritutional SustainabilitySession 2

Richard Hodges is the Founder and CEO of GreenIT, a consultancy focused on the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in creating a sustainable future. Since 2004 GreenIT has been designing and implementing practical programs for minimizing the harmful environmental effects of ICT use, and for harnessing ICT innovation to enable sustainable solutions for the environment. Mr. Hodges is a recognized pioneer and thought-leader in the emerging field of green/clean IT and is active as an educator and evangelist for new approaches to the design and management of IT systems.

Pre-Reading Suggestions:




For more information, please view the GreenIT website

Timothy Knox

Tim KnoxMaster Class: Survive Your Career: Stress and Health Management for IT ProfessionalsSession 1

Master Class: Survive Your Career: Stress and Health Management for IT ProfessionalsSession 2

Timothy Knox is an expert in occupational safety and rehabilitation and advocate of a proactive approach to wellness in the workplace. Knox comes to IT Day from St. Louis, where he is president of Occupational Consulting & Rehabilitation (OCR), a firm that provides on-site rehabilitation and injury prevention programs for both office environments and blue collar work settings. OCRs work includes on-site prevention and rehabilitation clinics, ergonomic review of work spaces and full site analysis, development of safe job descriptions, and employee education and training programs. Knox is a licensed physical therapist, a certified hand therapist, and one of a handful of certified ergonomists in the country. Knox is a graduate of both University of Illinois and Northwestern University.

For more information on Timothy Knox, please view his page on LinkedIn

Dr. Bruce DeRuntz

Bruce DeRuntz
Master Class: People Want to Follow LeadersIdentifing Your Strongest and Weakest SkillsSession 1

Master Class: Now You KnowWhat Will You Do? Committing to ActionSession 2

Bruce DeRuntz is a strong advocate of leadership development within organizations, and more importantly, within people. His research interest is identifying the critical characteristics that all technical leaders possess (Technical Leadership Development) an effort that is funded by the National Science Foundation. DeRuntz teaches classes in leadership, quality, and project management as a professor in the College of Engineering at Southern Illinois University. He is also a Fellow with the American Society for Quality (ASQ), has been awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award by the American Society for Quality Fellowes, and is the editor of the Quality Management Forum. In 2006, DeRuntz was appointed Director of SIUs Leadership Development Program, an amazing organization that produces graduates with advanced leadership skills and therein launches them on accelerated career paths. He would like to partner with corporate sponsors to help develop and fill their leadership pipelines. DeRuntzs expertise in leadership is a tremendous asset to SIU and welcomes inquiries from and partnerships with university and colleagues.

For more information on Dr. Bruce DeRuntz, go to: www.engineering.siu.edu/tech/faculty-staff/faculty/deruntz.php

Steven C. Goetz

Stephen Goetz

Presentation: The Plane TruthComputing at 20,000 Feet

Steven Goetz is an assistant professor in the Department of Aviation Management and Flight at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He has been flying for over a decade and teaching people to fly for over eight years. A faculty member at SIU since 2008, Goetz helped develop a course at SIU to transition pilots to digital flight instrumentation and more automated and computerized aircraft. His primary interest lies in aviation education, but he recognizes the ever-increasing need for a technological background for modern pilots. Goetz also understands the critical need, value, and potential for research in aviation information security.

For more information on Steven Goetz, go to: https://asa.siu.edu/people/faculty/transportation/aviation-management-flight/goetz_s.html

David Guggenheim

Presentation: Moving IT from Support Role to Strategic Partner in the Organization

David Guggenheim is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Management at Southern Illinois University. His teaching interests include management information systems, information technology strategy and innovation, and business intelligence and data analytics. His research projects span digital business strategies, business algorithms, and advances in information technology. More specifically, his work investigates the changing roles, impact vectors, and outcomes of information technology strategies in business organizations.

For more information on David Guggenheim, go to: https://business.siu.edu/people/doctoral/mgmt/guggenheim.html

Tom Imboden

Tom Imboden

Cyber Stadium Demomontration: Just When Your Day Is Going GoodYou've Been Hacked!

Thomas R. Imboden, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Applied Technologies (ISAT) at SIU, is committed to and passionate about researching information security; finding innovative ways to teach cyber security concepts and skills, and advancing research in security practices in nonprofit organizations and small healthcare offices. By evaluating the applied security in these segments he identifies gaps and deficits to help improve the security stance and posture of the segments. Imbodens current projects include, state of information security in nonprofit organizations, the evaluation of 802.11s wireless mesh networks in underground mining environments and use of open source unified threat management (UTM) technologies. He teaches Information Storage Management and Special Projects in Security, Enterprise Network Management, and Advanced Enterprise Network Management. He also serves Tech Dawgs as a faculty advisor.

A message from Tom Imboden: https://isat.siu.edu/activities/cyber-days/message.php

For more information about Tom Imboden, go to:


Belle Woodward

Belle Woodward

Cyber Security Workshop: WiresharkLegitimate Tool vs Cyber-eavesdropping Trouble

Associate Professor of Information Systems Technology (IST) at SIU, Belle Woordward explores complex areas of technology as a committed researcher in the areas of ethics education and assessment in IT, designing student-centered learning environments using collaborative learning strategies, curriculum design for information systems technologies and information security, network security and privacy, ethics and technology, and women in computing. Woodward shares her knowledge through her teaching at Southern Illinois, where she currently serves Security Dawgs as a faculty advisor. Woodward plans to launch an initiative to develop resources for and expand outreach to young women in information technology this fall. The effort offers mentorship and support to women from college to career. She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards for research and teaching.

For more information on Belle Woodward, go to: https://asa.siu.edu/people/faculty/information-systems/information-systems-technologies/woodward_b.html

Michael Barkdoll

Presentation: Cloud Computing is changing every aspect in IT!

Michael Barkdoll, Computer Systems Architecture Specialist, works daily with the cutting-edge, cloud computing technology that companies like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook use to power their complex and ever-expanding needs. His work with the Department of Computer Science at SIU allows him to assist researchers and students in utilizing cloud computing's distributed systems for big data computation, artificial intelligence, scalable web applications and databases. He also maintains a DevOps team that shares software development and sysadmin responsibilities to rapidly deploy applications with continuous operations.

For more information on Michael Barkdoll, go to: https://cs.siu.edu/faculty-staff/index.php