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IT Day 2015 Audience in Guyon Auditorium

Please save August 10th and 11th, 2016 for IT Day!

Sponsorship opportunities, in-kind or financial, are available, welcome, and appreciated. Sponsors can expect to reach a wide audience through the event itself, the event website, print, and other media outlets.

Specific Sponsorship Requests

Sponsors may fund specific speakers, sessions, etc. Sponsorship amenities can be tailored to complement these special requests.

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship funds the promotion of and amenities for the event. Benefits are based on the level of sponsorship you choose: gold, silver, or bronze.  

If you would like to suggest sponsors to us, we would be glad to speak to them about event sponsorship. We can also forward IT Day information to you/businesses that might be interested in this unique sponsorship opportunity.

2016 Sponsor Guidelines will be available soon. To receive a copy of the Sponsorship Guidelines or for more information, please email itday@siu.edu or call (618) 453-5240.