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It Day 2015 Logo and Theme: Think Big!  Initiate Action! Push Limits!

We are excited to share with you videos from IT Day 2015. Thank you to Gregg Wentz, Center for Teaching Excellence, Anthony Walker, Information Technology, and Tamarah Cook, University Communications for their hard work and assistance in helping to make these videos available to you.

Click this icon to Start the video IT Day Welcome at Southern Illinois University Scott Bridges

(Information Technology as an Organizational Partner)

Scott Bridges, Interim CIO of Information Technology at SIU Carbondale provides a warm and purposeful welcome to information technology colleagues, faculty, business leaders, and K-12 technology administrators attending IT Day 2015. Scott shares and challenges attendees to apply the IT Day 2015 Theme: Think Big! Initiate Action! and Push Limits! to their daily pursuits as IT professionals. He suggests that information technology units need to become strategic partners in organizational decision making and long-range planning. Delightfully, he introduced Ann Hill, now 99 years old, as a pioneer of women in technology at Southern Illinois University.

Button to click and view McGee video IT Day 2015 Welcome President Randy Dunn

(Meeting Challenge with Innovation)

Southern Illinois University President Randy Dunn welcomes attendees to IT Day 2015, and provides an administrative and academic perspective on the inclusion and use of technology in education.

Button to click and view McGee video Meeting Challenge with InnovationA Call to Think big! Initiate action! Push limits!

(Leaders and CIOs Discuss Meeting Challenge with Technology Innovation)

Leaders from Southern Illinois University discuss leveraging technology to enhance the universitys mission and how to accomplish this during challenging times. Administrators and CIOs answer questions about cultivating talent, facing challenges with fewer resources, and merging creativity with technology to generate innovative ideas as well as practical and viable initiatives.

Click this icon to Start videoMeeting Challenge with ConfidenceYou Can Do More Than You Think J.R. McGee

(Leadership Strategies for IT Professionals)

Powerful speaker J. R. McGee from XStream Leadership provides insights and methods to meet challenge with confidence. McGee helps instill a key component of confidencethe courage of convictionand explains how you can tackle extreme challenges by applying our own unique talents, experiences, and skills. When combined with the strengths of other individuals and organizations as a unified and focused team, each and all of us can do more than we think. McGee then levels a call to action to those who are ready to pursue success.

Button to Start Curt Bonk videoTechnology Innovation is Transforming Our Work and Our Lives50+ Learning Trends and Innovations Curt Bonk

(New Technology Dramatically Alters Current and Future Learning)

Dr. Curtis J. Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University explains and provides tips about the new technologiesthat are renovating academic and corporate learning environments. Blended learning is transforming the classroom experience. Enrollment in online courses is exploding. How does this apply to you? Do you use any of these technology tools: smartphones and watches, mobile devices of any kind, digital course resources, social books, social media, online talking dictionaries, video walls, virtual assistants, or web-conferencing? So do today's learners. While innovative tools and techniques are exciting and highly-transformative, each method and tool has its pros and cons. This session will open your eyes to amazing technology trends and innovations that are permeating the learning experience and will ultimately transform our work and our lives.

Click this icon to Start the video Green IT in Black and White: The Bad, the Good, and YOU! Richard Hodges

(Recognizing the Impact of Technology on Sustainability Green/Clean IT)

Richard Hodges, Founder and CEO of GreenIT explains how information and communications technology (ICT) is transforming every aspect of human life in the 21st century. We must all recognize and confront the challenges of creating more positive interactions with the planet. The globally networked world we are building has both negative and positive implications for sustainable development. Intensive use of limited natural resources, rapidly increasing rates of energy consumption, and the handling of hazardous wastes are among the critical issues. Radical increases in efficiency and the reduction in resource needs from the adoption of new technologies promise opportunities for positive change. IT professionals have the ability to help promote and maintain a more sustainable institution by how they do their jobs every day. Once you know the bad and the good, what will YOU do?

Click this icon to Start the video Adding Some TEC-VARIETY for Online Motivation and Retention Curt Bonk

(Online LearningIncreasing Engagement, Motivation, and Retention)

Dr. Curtis J. Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University explains that todays learners expect flexibility, choice, and creativity; they love their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices...and expect instructors to use them. They want TEC-VARIETY. Bonk walks through his TEC-VARIETY model, and proves that incorporate technology in learning and the classroom is not as hard as you think.

Click icon to play videoR2D2: Addressing Diverse Online Learner Needs with the Read, Reflect, Display, and Do ModelCurt Bonk

(Using Technology to Make Learning More Engaging, Empowering, and Exciting)

Dr. Curtis J. Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University explains that the scope of learning technology is ever-evolving, and the demand for it is ever-increasing. Adoption, incorporation, and development of content can be intimidating and highly frustrating to instructors, staff, and administrators with limited technology training. Yet students want interactive and collaborative online activities and learning environments. One of two videos. In session two, Bonk continues explaining his innovative model called Read, Reflect, Display, and Do (R2D2) and provides details dozens of ways to use R2D2 to make learning more engaging, empowering, and exciting.

Click this icon to Start the videoOvercoming Adversity with Attitude J.R. McGee

(Tackling Work Challenges with Attitude - Team Building Exercise)

Powerful speaker J. R. McGee from XStream Leadership provides insights and methods to meet challenge with confidence.