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Registration table with volunteers for IT Day 2015

The volunteers at IT Day 2015 were phenomenal. With their dedication, cooperation and professional attitudes, the day was a huge success. We are expecting greater things from our IT Day 2016 event.
We would like for the day to be enjoyable, and relaxing for everyone, IT staff, visitors, and participants.
If you would like to help with IT Day 2016, review the list of tasks below; then, please let us know what your talents are by emailing itday@siu.edu or calling (618) 453-5240.

Volunteer positions available:

  1. Audience identification, email contact list generation, personal contact (3)
  2. Audio visual/media planning (identify needs, check equipment availability, set up and check prior to event, handle speakers and needs the day of) (?)
  3. Curriculum/session developer (2)
  4. Department contact person/participation coordinator (2)
  5. Drivers 3 (Pick up and deliver administrators, specials needs, or stragglers)
  6. Event-day task as needed (?)
  7. Food planners/catering contacts (2-3)
  8. Golf cart/parking pass Coordinator (student assistants 4-6)
  9. Greeters (4 morning IT Administrators)
  10. Help desk/phone (3entire day)
  11. IT Ambassadors (all IT Administrators)
  12. Keynote timerspeaker coordinator at podium
  13. Media contact person (1 contact and set up media opportunitiesand work with University Communications)
  14. Name tags (culling and printing)
  15. New content writer for the website (?)
  16. Possible volunteer positions/needs:
  17. Pre-conference assistance (?)
  18. Presentation collection and speaker needs checking (pre-conference and day of) (?)
  19. Registration (4 morning plus 2 green room runners)
  20. Registration form enhancement (2)
  21. Room facilitators/timers (2 morning, 6 afternoon)
  22. Signage (development, pickup, and placement)
  23. Speaker Concierge (1 morning or 1 afternoon) greet speakers, show them to the green room and to their speaking areas, and assist with immediate needs
  24. Speaker LiaisonsPre-Conference (1-4) to handle speaker communication and needs prior to IT Day
  25. Speaker Media Liaisons (6 CTE, 2 IT) check room media set up, and quickly arrange for immediate attention if media for a room is not correct
  26. Speaker research and contact person (1-3)
  27. Speaker session development and coaching (4)
  28. Speaker/other travel arrangements (2)
  29. Sponsor Concierge (1 morning, I afternoon) greet sponsors, help sponsors find their set up areas, and assist with immediate needs
  30. Tour Coordinator (2)
  31. Transportation arrangements (parking lots/tours)
  32. Venue guides to help people find (6 morning, 6 afternoon)
  33. Venue set up arrangements (1plus staff of student assistants on event day)
  34. Video and audio recording (?)
  35. Volunteer manager to coach volunteers prior to event, check volunteer attendance, and assignments (1)
  36. Website maintenance and updates (?)

All volunteers receive our genuine thanks, free entry to the event, a day of networking and learning opportunities, an IT Day staff shirt, and lunch. Additionally, student volunteers can add their resumes to our resume presentation and table, take advantage of a unique networking opportunity, and list their work with us as a resume builder.